Loxone is a full home automation and AV control system. It is specifically designed to control everything from your lighting and heating to your PV system, all from a switch or from your phone. Your home knows exactly what to do to make you and your family more comfortable. It is energy efficient and intelligently automated.

The Ultimate Centrally Managed
Home Automation Solution

Loxone makes home automation simple and affordable. It is the ultimate smart home solution for lighting, heating, security, audio, blinds, PV and Solar. The system is centrally controlled which means your home will be more energy efficient. Comfort delivered exactly when you need it.


Child safe

Loxone’s ‘child lock’ feature allows you to disable any button or switch within your home with just a tap on your phone. Let your children play freely and safely around the house!


Loxone can accommodate any lifestyle changes. Need to move your office to the second floor? Decided to create a home gym? Loxone can adapt to any lifestyle changes leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Heating control

Want to set the temperature for each room separately? Need to heat ONLY the rooms you use? It is easy to create the perfect balance with Loxone’s smart miniserver.


Smart lights

The lighting in your home can instantly change the atmosphere. Enjoy a colourful party lighting on a Friday night or a romantic dinner lighting on the weekend. Make the lights fit your mood!

Free App

Control your entire home remotely via Loxone’s free App for smartphones and tablets. Enjoy the flexibility of controlling your home from just about anywhere.

Music control

Do you have a favourite song which always make you feel energised and ready to seize the day? Now you can control what music plays in each room so you can enjoy your favourite songs any time in any room.


Save energy

Make your home more energy efficient by regulating the energy used in every room. You can use the smart miniserver with your solar PV system so you maximise the energy produced by your solar panels saving you having to buy from the grid.

Save money

Save money on your energy bills by making sure all devices which are not in use are switched off and not left on a standby mode. Using Loxone’s smart system, you can switch off all power-hungry standby units reducing your electricity costs.

Greener lifestyle

Loxone allows you to control how much electricity you use on a daily basis. The smart miniserver helps you use less energy in a more efficient manner. Your household’s carbon footprint will be much lower which means you help the Planet every day.


Panic button

The panic button is a key feature which ensures your household is protected. The panic button is position next to your bed. When activated all the lights come on and flash brightly, the blinds open and the siren can sound. While this is happening, an automatic call can be made to your emergency contact.

Stay safe

If you trigger the intruder alarm, the blinds are raised, all the lights in the rooms are switched on and music is played at full volume throughout the house to deter the intruder.

Storms, fire and leaks

Your smart home is great at detecting fire, leaks and high winds. The miniserver is programmed to inform you when it detects anything which needs your attention.

About Loxone Smart Homes

Loxone was founded in 2009. The company revolutionised the smart home industry with the green Loxone Miniserver which is now the market leader in the smart home industry. The Loxone Group employs over 250 people and ranks among the fastest growing companies in the home automation industry. The company is dedicated to innovation and the constant improvement of their products which makes them an excellent choice for your next smart home project.

Loxone product have received multiple awards for high quality, competence and economic success.

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